The moon cycles affect us on a profound level.  The moon rules the older, deeply set patterns of behaviours and habits we so naturally fall into. The full moon is all about completion and the new moon is just the beginning, always with our eternal spirit in mind.

Run by the phenomenal Joanna Crow, an NLP Practitioner and accredited (via ICF) Transformational Coach. She has diplomas in Mindfulness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Body Love, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as well as Nutrition. And is also a Reiki Master.

This is what a Body Love & Wellness session is all about. It’s about creating a safe, nurturing environment for you to explore through mindful activities and guided meditations and visualisations about what you really want out of your relationship with your body, your health, your life and help you create productive steps to move towards leading an authentic and extraordinary life in this one special precious vessel.

It might be about coming to a realisation about habits you picked up as a child, or discovering what choices and habits would really provide you with the incentive to make positive steps towards living your best life, or it might be about achieving comfortable acceptance of your body – or all three!

It’s an opportunity for you to explore the Laws of Attraction and of Resonance, ie who do you need to be to naturally attract a less stressful lifestyle and repel toxins held by your body.

A Body Love & Wellness Session enables you to become mindful about how you are using your body, nonjudgmentally, and to use your observations to guide your choices in a new way that is compassionate and self-serving.

  • Apply a mindful approach to look at the concept of “feeling good within your body”
  • Identify what limits your success
  • Explore what triggers your current body behaviour
  • Discover your right mindset for attracting more alignment and vitality within your own right sized body

Each session consists of mindful activities followed by a guided visualisation to bring you closer to knowing, being and loving yourself.

Doors open: 6pm for a shared light vegan meal of soup and bread (gluten free available) 
Start: 7pm
Ends: 9pm
Includes: A warming cup of tea if you wish to remain for this afterwards.
To Bring: Yoga mats provided.
Location: FIVE+NINE, Musselburgh 

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